People leave anyways.

Why can’t some people stay in our lives forever? After not talking for him for almost a week, I feel empty. Not like I have feelings for him or anything, it’s just that I miss those late night silly talks we had. Now, it’s not like he’s rude, it’s just that he’s not fun anymore. I miss the old him. I even thought we could be best friends for real. I guess people leave, but most importantly, we should treasure the moments. Well I have treasured most of the moments but it feels insufficient. I don’t even know what I’m feeling now. :(

It’s been a long time this… So today wasp great great day 😊 Saw this really handsome guy in church. I was practically fangirling over his Instagram post this whole afternoon. I followed him and he followed back! Words could not describe how overjoyed I was. I nearly teared too. #whateven 😂 Other than that, my best friends too had just woken up from her lalaland. She’s been crying over her crush for god knows what reason for approximately 9 months. That’s long! And she announced that she is changing interest from this to another guy. How amazing! Both of us were fangirling over each of our idol guys. This weekend went well plus a school holiday tomorrow, except for the fact that mid-term exams are coming. 😢

I need a break from life.

Life is so complicating. Having to face conflicts, disagreements, unsatisfaction… Yes, this is life. That’s why I need a break from it. I’m not asking everyone to be perfect, no one is, not even me. I’m just saying some people just like to make things worse than they already are. Can’t they just close one ear, or close on eye? If only I could pause the world, re-fix everything and then resume. It’s somewhat impossible but I still believe there are good and kind hearted people is this world. I really hope that there’ll be no internal war between our friendship. I hope there’ll be no little gossips inside our small families. No suspicion, complication, and so on.

Why do people change? Brayden has been a really caring and good friend to me. Funny and caring at the same time. I don’t want that to change. He’s turning to someone who doesn’t care, and acts like those gentleman. I’d honestly rather have the old him back. Hope things will return to normal. 😌

We are Human

Life is short. Some people are just not worth your time and effort. Yes, it’s kind of mean to think like this. But don’t you think it’s the truth? They just take you for granted, pick you up when they need you and push you aside when they don’t need you. Learn to appreciate.